Efficient transport networks are crucial to developing and expanding economies. Governments across the MENA region have committed billions of dollars to the creation and enhancement of their transport infrastructure. Road and rail projects are accelerating as MENA countries are faced with rapidly growing populations that are placing incredible demands on existing networks.

At Hassan Allam, we do more than just fix problems. We view transport infrastructure as a way to improve the communities in which we live. With over ten years of experience constructing roads and bridges across North Africa, we are the perfect partner for governments in the MENA region.

In Egypt, for example, roads are the most vital form of cross-country transport, and as congestion has worsened and overall conditions have deteriorated, improving the road systems has become urgent. In response, the government has placed a high priority on completing improvements to, and an expansion of, the network. Rail infrastructure is expected to play a major role in driving the transport sector’s growth, with transport related infrastructure announcements valued at around USD 45.1 billion through to 2024. 

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