Galala Hotel and Resort

LocationAin Sokhna, Egypt
ClientThe Government of Egypt.

Scope of work

The project is situated in Al Ain Sokhna, approximately 180 km from Cairo. It encompasses a variety of structures and amenities, such as a hotel, conference hall, multiple villas, chalets, swimming pools, and a commercial mall.

The hotel spans 52 acres and features a ground floor and six additional floors, totaling 56,965 m² in flats. The establishment comprises a total of 298 rooms and suites.

In addition to the hotel, there are 120 buildings for villas and chalets, comprising 51 villas and 69 chalet buildings (including twin villas) of various designs. The overall unit count for villas and chalets is 439, with a combined area of 98,800 m². Additionally, there is a Royal Compound project occupying 43 acres.

The Commercial Mall (Building C) is a single-story commercial building covering an area of 35,000 m². This building houses various finishing works, electromechanical installations, and general site operations.

Project facts


Area of 43 acres for Royal Compound project


A total number of units 439 alone


69 chalet buildings and twin villas


51 villas


35,000 m² for Commercial Mall area

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