HA Utilities

HA Utilities is an investment platform for power, renewables, and water-related opportunities that address the underserved energy market and growing demand for infrastructure in Egypt and the region. Our alternative energy and utilities team comprises experienced investment and infrastructure professionals and is backed by world-class shareholders. HA Utilities focuses on partnerships to develop and operate renewable power projects in Egypt and will soon also have a strong presence in the water desalination and treatment sector.


Renewables and Solar Power

The market for delivering solar power to national energy grids is expanding. As regulatory frameworks change, the costs of solar building materials plummet, and technological efficiencies emerge, a compelling business environment has emerged that plays to Hassan Allam’s strengths.

Lightsource BP powered by Hassan Allam Utilities

In July 2018, HA Utilities entered into an agreement with Lightsource BP, Europe and the UK’s largest solar power developer and operator, to form a joint venture company to spearhead the renewables industry in Egypt and the Middle East.

Lightsource BP powered by Hassan Allam Utilities will build and operate solar energy resources in Egypt, overseeing the full lifecycle of assets from financing and development to long-term operations and management. The company will focus on Egypt while pursuing strategic expansion into key, untapped regional markets, including North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the GCC.

The joint venture puts to work the market expertise, project financing, business development and senior management reach of HA Utilities to create a best-in-class platform for solar energy that builds firmly on Lightsource BP’s long and successful track record of technology optimization and project development of solar assets.

For more information, please visit HA Utilities website.