Expanding clean energy production, investing across the energy value chains.

Hassan Allam Utilities is a leading player in the renewable energy sector, spearheading projects in solar, wind, and green hydrogen. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we are driving the development and operation of world-class energy solutions.

In solar, we aim to lead Egypt's transition to renewables by developing utility-scale projects and delivering innovative solar power solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Our wind projects include a 1.1GW wind farm and a remarkable 10GW wind farm in Egypt, one of the largest wind farms globally. Additionally, our collaboration in green hydrogen focuses on establishing a strong infrastructure in Egypt, with plans to develop 4GW capacity green hydrogen plants by 2030.

These projects demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable future and reducing carbon emissions while driving Egypt's energy transition towards cleaner and greener sources.

  • Developing 500 MW Solar PV projects.

  • Developing 11 GW Wind projects.

  • Developing 4.4 GW capacity of Green Hydrogen.

Core Services


Electricity Generation with a focus on Green Energy


Electricity Distribution


Utilities Management


District Cooling and Green Hydrogen

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