District Cooling Plant

LocationNew Administrative Capital, Egypt
EngineerConsultant - Allied Consultants
ClientAdministrative Capital for Urban Development “ACUD”

Scope of work

Project Description

The largest district cooling plant in Egypt & Africa, located in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital with a capacity of 50,000 TR expandable to 64,000 TR, serving the new government district, the financial district, and another 180 essential buildings in the Administrative Capital while using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

The District Cooling Plant comprises 11 Centrifugal Chillers (3300 TR each), and 10 Absorption Chillers (1250 TR each).

Kortech's scope of work consists of HVAC systems, fire fighting systems & plumbing works, electrical power systems, and light current systems.

Project facts


Up to 64,000 Refrigeration Tons


The largest On-Duty cooling plant in Africa


Serves 180+ building


7,500 m2 Project Area

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