Our values

As one of the pioneers of engineering and construction in Egypt, we understand the value of experience. We have a long and excellent record of delivering to the highest standards.

In fact, we consider the Hassan Allam reputation to be our most precious asset. The values that have driven our exceptional growth and culture since 1936 remain at the heart of our business today:


We understand the impact of our work has on the futures of the communities where we operate. That is why we are committed to quality in every single project and undertaking.


We uphold the values of honesty and integrity in all our dealings with stakeholders. We think compromising on ethics is short sighted.


As one of Egypt’s construction pioneers, we have successfully navigated the economic and business cycles of the region for 80 years, developing a strong reputation for reliability and for delivering in ‘tough times’. As a result, our business centers on strong and long-term partnerships with local and international clients.


Innovation is the key to mastering future challenges. That is why we give great importance to constantly developing and improving our people, processes, systems, products and know-how. Our aim is to achieve leadership through technical innovations.