Saudi Tunneling Company for Contracting (STCC)


Serving the regional market’s continued growth of tunneling services

STCC, a subsidiary of Hassan Allam Construction Saudi, is a renowned contracting company specializing in tunneling services.

Established in 2018, offering a wide range of services, including Trenchless technology such as Micro tunnelling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, open face & its enabling works, and Shaft Works.

STCC has a solid, proven track record in the tunneling sector to serve the regional market's continued growth of tunneling services. Its solid reputation and proven expertise make it a reliable choice for meeting the region's expanding needs in the tunneling sector.

  • Delivering projects of varying scales and complexities with a focus on quality and innovation.

Core Services


Micro Tunneling Technology (Pipe-jacking Methodology)


Horizontal Directional Drilling


Open-face Methodology


Shaft Works


Cut-Cover work