In Progress

District Cooling Scheme

LocationKing Salman Park, Riyadh
ClientKing Salman Park Foundation (KSPF)

Scope of work

Project Description

The District Cooling Plant for King Salman Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is designed to accommodate a total capacity of 60,000 RT. This includes 50,000 TR of chilling capacity and an additional 10,000 RT provided by TES Tanks. Chilled water production relies on 7 pairs of Electrical Driven Centrifugal Chillers arranged in a series counter-flow setup.

The project unfolds across three phases. In the first phase, 3 pairs of Electrical Driven Centrifugal Chillers generating 21,429 RT will be installed. Following this, the second phase introduces 2 pairs of chillers producing 19,286 RT along with a 5000 RT TES tank. Lastly, in the third phase, 2 more pairs of chillers producing 19,286 RT will be added, along with another 5000 RT TES tank.

Kortech's scope of work is concentrated on Phase 1, primarily involving the installation of Centrifugal Chillers with a cumulative capacity of 21,429 RT. The tender packages are organized into distinct categories, namely Civil Structural Works, Building Services Works (encompassing HVAC, firefighting, and electrical systems), Mechanical and Piping process Works, and Electrical & Instrumentation Works.

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