The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant secured four GWR global records including the world’s largest water treatment facility

The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant, constructed by a joint venture comprising Hassan Allam Construction, Orascom Construction PLC, The Arab Contractors, and Metito, under a mandate from the Ministry of Defence - Armed Forces Engineering Authority, is declared the world's largest water treatment facility by the Guinness World Records (GWR).


The plant secured four GWR global records including the world’s largest water treatment facility, the most capacious and operationally robust water treatment plant, the largest area for epoxy coating in structures, and the biggest sludge treatment plant globally.

These accolades were celebrated in an official ceremony attended by government officials including Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Major General Ahmed Al-Azzazi, Head of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces. Also, representatives from the JV companies including Mohamed El Dahshoury, CEO of Hassan Allam Construction, Karim Madwar, CEO of Metito Egypt and Managing Director Metito Africa, Hossam el Reefy, Senior Vice President of Arab Contractors, Ihab Mehawed, Managing Director of Orascom Construction.

The plant has a remarkable production capacity of 7.5 million m3/day of agricultural drainage water which plays a crucial role in the reclamation and development of 2 million acres in the western Delta region. Spanning an expansive area exceeding 320,000m2, the plant operates at an impressive capacity of 86.8 m3/second and boasts a substantial sludge treatment capability of 670.01 kg/s. This project stands as one of the most significant sustainability initiatives worldwide, incorporating state-of-the-art sustainable technologies and solutions. Completed within a record-setting time of 24 months, the plant serves as a pivotal component of Egypt’s national water resources plan, aiming to ensure water security for the country and foster prosperity and sustainability for future generations.

Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding, stated, ” We are honored to have achieved four global Guinness World Records for the New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant. This accomplishment underscores the capability of Egyptian national companies to undertake large-scale projects that drive prosperity and ensure sustainability for future generations. ” He added, ” The significance of this facility lies in its pivotal role in reclaiming agricultural lands and constructing new urban communities in the Delta region, expanding both agricultural and population areas in the country. Our contribution to this project reflects our ongoing commitment to national development and our strategic vision, which has been realized through the successful implementation of numerous infrastructure and sustainability projects over the years.”