Hassan Allam Roads and Bridges paves the Way for Egypt’s Remarkable Progress in Global Road Quality Index

Egypt Leaps 100 Places to Rank 18th in Global Road Quality Index!


Over the past decade, Egypt has made remarkable strides in improving its road infrastructure, catapulting its position in the global road quality rankings from 118th to an impressive 18th place.

With over 320 projects, 3,250 km of roads, and 68 km of bridges and tunnels, Hassan Allam Roads and Bridges has played a crucial role in this transformation by constructing and upgrading highways and bridges throughout Egypt and the MENA region. Their focus on delivering high-quality infrastructure is evident in their work, which not only enhances connectivity and mobility but also drives economic progress. By utilizing their engineering expertise, multi-decade experience, and commitment to sustainable transportation solutions, the company has made a meaningful impact on the communities it serves.

This progress highlights the importance of well-built roads and bridges as vital infrastructure for boosting economies and improving the quality of life. Hassan Allam Holding remains dedicated to its mission of enhancing transportation networks, thereby contributing significantly to Egypt’s development and its elevated status in global road quality standards.