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We are specialists in transforming wood. From our workshops in 6th of October City and the CPC Industrial Zone, we design, manufacture, and distribute a wide range of wood products to the construction industry across Egypt. We produce both standard items, such as fire doors, and bespoke orders.

Our regular products

  •  Panels
  •  Doors
  •  Wardrobes
  •  Vanity units
  •  Pergolas
  •  Flooring
  •  Claddings
  •  Windows
  •  Architectural features
  •  Loose and fixed furniture
  •  Outdoor furniture

Our preferred woods

  •  Oak
  •  Beach
  •  Beach Pine
  •  Mahogany
  •  Ash
  •  Walnut
  •  Cherry
  •  Teak
  •  Pine


Due to high volumes and high demand, all our products are machined at the outset. However, our master craftsmen hand finish many bespoke pieces, particularly wooden chairs, special moldings, and architectural features. 


Our workshops comprise a total of 3,000 m2 and are capable of producing 2,500 m3 of imported wood products annually. This equates to:

  • 6,000 flush doors or 4,500 panel moulded doors
  • 30,000 m2 of flush cladding or 20,000 m2 of decorated claddings

Workshop area

3,000 m2

Annual production capacity

2,500 m3