Hassan Allam Holding

Engineering and Construction

The Group’s engineering, procurement and construction business, operating primarily through its flagship subsidiary Hassan Allam Construction, is one of the largest privately-owned operations in Egypt and one of the oldest in the MENA region.  It focuses on large-scale, technically complex projects such as power stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial and petrochemical plants, as well as high-end residential and commercial real estate, roads and bridges.

H.A. Construction

Hassan Allam Construction provides engineering, procurement, and construction services on complex large-scale projects. It is one of the largest general contractors in the Egyptian market and is among the most widely recognized brand names in the industry. It is one in a handful of contractors covering all major sectors of the market with the ability to deliver high-value, complex projects.

H.A. Construction Saudi

Provides engineering, procurement, and construction services in Saudi Arabia.

H.A. Construction Algeria

Provides engineering, procurement, and construction services in Algeria.

H.A. Technologies

Offers innovative technology and electromechanical contracting services, as well as solutions for system integration, security, baggage handling, and data centres.

H.A. Roads and Bridges

Delivers critical national transport infrastructure projects for regional governments.

H.A. Trading and Engineering

Provides complete trading and consultation services, from product sourcing, purchasing, shipping, warehousing, delivery to follow up service analysis. This business line provides access to a platform of electrical, mechanical, civil and architecture products and operating materials to clients. 


Provides engineering, project control, site management, quality management, prime contracts and procurement services, as well as integrated project solutions from development phase through commercial operations.


Hassan Allam Holding acquired a controlling stake in Intech in February 2019. Intech is a leading environmental engineering contractor specializing in water treatment technologies. Its unique capabilities have made it one of the most esteemed contracting companies in the field of water treatment. Founded in 1996, the company is dedicated to enhancing quality of life for Egyptians by improving water conditions throughout the country. Intech provide clients with efficient and cost-effective comprehensive solutions including planning, design, development, operation, and maintenance using top-of the-line technology and integrated control systems.

Bioworks AG

Founded in 2007, Bioworks AG, headquartered in Munich Germany, is a global leader in the design and construction of large-scale, extended aeration process water treatment systems, having developed over 120 projects in 25 countries around the world. Hassan Allam Holding acquired Bioworks AG in 2018, marking a major extension to our offerings in water and wastewater treatment and propelling its leadership in sustainable systems for the water industry in Africa, the GCC, China, the United States, Russia, and CIS countries. Bioworks’ technology and expertise will add key services to Hassan Allam group’s existing capabilities in desalination, water purification, and wastewater for industry.


Is a full-service consultancy and landscaping company with a straightforward and unique design/build philosophy founded on September 2020, a new subsidiary from Hassan Allam Holding. Jinet is made up of a group of highly skilled experienced professionals and engineers who were managing best quality landscape communities in Egypt and building unique designs for private gardens, paying a lot of attention to small details, where you can share your thoughts and ideas with to bring them, in collaboration, to life.


Our building materials business line manufactures and supplies a wide range of products across Egypt.  It provides standard building materials to contractors (including the Group’s own construction and engineering unit) working on projects that range from office complexes to state-of-the-art Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities. The various business lines include steel fabrication, ready mix concrete, wood workshop, aggregate quarries, pipes and concrete products.  It provides essential support to our own group of companies as well as local and international clients to create bespoke solutions that fulfil any given project’s requirements.

3S Ready Mix Concrete

Supplies ready-mix concrete to major building and infrastructure projects. Owns and operates two aggregate quarries.

H.A Concrete Products

Manufactures a diverse range of precast elements and solutions, mainly for building and infrastructure products.

National Pipe Company

Manufactures precast concrete pipes and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes for water transmission pipelines and wastewater force mains applications.

H.A Structural Steelwork

Provides engineering, procurement and construction services on complex large-scale projects.

H.A Wood

Manufactures a wide range of wooden panels, architectural features and other products for the construction industry.

CORE Engineering Specialized Works 

Supplies resinous flooring and waterproofing services.


HA Utilities is an asset development and investment platform for power, renewables, and water-related opportunities that address the growing market for infrastructure in Egypt, Africa and the MENA region.

Renewables and Solar Power

HA Utilities partners with industry leaders and top-tier technology providers to develop vital power infrastructure. Lightsource BP powered by Hassan Allam Utilities, a joint venture between HA Utilities and Lightsource BP, is spearheading the renewables sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

Water Treatment and Desalination

HA Utilities targets partnerships with large international industry players and is identifying potential acquisition targets to penetrate the water desalination sector.