Our HSE policy

We are guided by the following health, safety, and environment policy:

  1. We aim to eliminate all personal injuries and have a healthy happy workforce
  2. We always take precautions to protect the general public
  3. We work to stop accidental damage to equipment and property
  4. We implement robust safety and accident prevention programs
  5. We create safe environments for all our staff to work in
  6. We ensure that all our staff are trained properly
  7. We employ responsible managers and supervisors who are held accountable for the employees under their supervision
  8. We trust all employees to be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
  9. We comply with local laws and regulations
  10. We set clear environmental targets for each project and monitor them closely
  11. We do everything we can to protect the environments in which we work
  12. We expect our employees and contractors to consider the impact their work has on the environment
  13. We always try to minimize waste and recycle everything that we can
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