The Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy currently sponsors three exciting programs. Each program is designed to nurture top talent – in other words Hassan Allam’s future leaders.

Junior Top Talent Program

HAH’s Top Talent Program offers excellent development opportunities early in professional life, by bringing together highly qualified graduates, with distinguished competencies/capabilities, to a 2-3 years structured rotational program, during which, they receive an in-depth induction, experience on-the-job learning and get a formal practical training, along with ongoing support and mentoring.


Civil, mechanical, electrical & architecture graduate engineers.

Work experience

Fresh graduate engineers.


Presentation skills, communication skills and basic leadership skills.

Future Leaders Program

Our success depends entirely on the strength of our talent pipelines, which we primarily build from within and manage with a disciplined approach.

Future Leaders Program focuses on intermediate level. We identify the potential candidates, assess the sharpen fundamental skills, engage them through a series of varied and enriching assignments that will prepare them for future challenges.

Work experience

More than six years of experience in the same field.


In addition to remarkable leadership skills, the successful candidate will excel in decision making, problem solving, clear communication, presenting and negotiation.

Senior Management Program

We understand that we have to nurture our top management. Nobody ever stops learning and there is always room for improvement. This bespoke program will sharpen visionary and strategic skills. The training received will be tailored to the experience and specific requirements of each individual.