Health, Safety and the Environment

As one of Egypt's leading construction and real estate names we have a responsibility not only to our staff, but also to our partners, clients and Egypt's construction industry at large to set the highest benchmark possible for safe operation. We have an equal responsibility to ensure that our activities do not pose any danger, or subject our neighbours and stakeholders avoidable risk.

HSE is an integral part of our management processes, and we are guided by the simple but powerful conviction that every accident is avoidable. Our Zero Accident Policy is enforced at all sites and offices and the responsibility for HSE performance does not sit with our HSE staff but rather flows from our line managers to the Chief Executive.

There is always room to improve, but through a continuous cycle of training staff, implementing our experience of best practice, monitoring our performance and setting ourselves ever more aggressive targets we are helping to set a new standard for best-in-class HSE achievement.
The following sample statistics illustrate the safety records on all our sites:

- Zero Accident Policy announced by Chairman
- Leadership commitment to minimize as far as reasonably practical all operational waste and effluent disposal
-Over 3 million hours without lost time accidents on Nubaria Power Station and Idku LNG Project
-Over 2 million hours without lost time accidents on Kureimat Power Station Project
-Trained team of competent safety managers and personnel with OSHA Certification.

As a construction company our top environmental priorities are emissions of greenhouse gases from operations, discharge of hazardous liquids and earth demolition. We strive to comply with all regulations, in each of our markets of operation, and have an effective process of management reporting of our performance and of setting ever-higher improvement targets. WE also give special priority to the critical task of rehabilitating demolished sites after completion of works to restore them to their earlier condition.