Swan Lake Sports Club

Within two of Hassan Allam Properties’ urban developments, Swan Lake New Cairo and Swan Lake 6th of October, lie sports complexes. Designed to offer residents and visitors a unique addition to their community, these facilities act as centerpieces of their respective neighborhoods. Branches of the Stars Tennis Academy train Egypt’s up and coming champions, while Cross Fit offers an intense and holistic approach to fitness and exercise.


Stars Tennis Academy

Is the practicing grounds for Egypt's top tennis players. Their goal is to inspire and develop a new generation of players that will compete with the world's elite within the coming 10 years, by combining tennis, fitness and mental instructions from Egypt's best coaches and international alliances. They apply cutting edge sports science in a safe and caring environment. In addition, they offer the ideal training for players from beginners to top touring professionals to reach their full potential.



Is not just a training program, it's a sport - The sport of fitness. Every year, The CrossFit Games attract athletes from all around the world to compete for the title of «The Fittest Man/Woman on Earth». Unlike most workout programs it's not just about getting bigger muscles, losing weight or having an amazing body. CrossFit is about comprehensive fitness: increasing your strength, endurance, flexibility, power, speed, balance, and coordination. If you want to get stronger you will. If you want to lose weight you will. If you want to look great, you will. In CrossFit, load and intensity are scaled; workout programs are not changed from level to level. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Special forces, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the following the CrossFit regimen. CrossFit is not just fitness, it's a lifestyle


Fit Stop

Recently opened in Swan Lake New Cairo, a new specialty sports center brings in the latest trends in fitness classes. Launched in February 2013, Fit Stop currently offers Spinning, Pilates, group exercise, and hip hop classes. Designed to cater to the whole family, the calm hours of the morning see neighborhood housewives coming for their workout. As soon as school and work finishes, however, the center fills with a diverse mixture of men, women, and university students. Although Fit Stop has only been open for a few months, the response from the public has already been strong, and plans are currently underway to expand the classes available and extend this already successful partnership with Hassan Allam Properties.

Padel Tennis


The origins of Padel or Padel Tennis are not entirely clear due to various stories in about the early development.

It has been suggested that the game was devised many years ago on British cruise ships to keep the passengers amused. Then around the mid-1920s an American called Frank Beal brought what he called 'paddle tennis' into the parks of New York City. A decade later saw changes to the courts, adding wooden floors and high surrounding fences to avoid losing the ball in the winter snow. This became known as 'platform tennis' and is remotely the basis for the design of the courts today.

However, many people believe that it comes from Mexico. It is said that Enrique Corcuera, who lived in Acapulco, did not have enough space around his home to build a tennis court, so with an area of 200 square metres he constructed a 20x10m court, enclosing it with walls three and four metres high. Instead of a tennis racquet, the game was played with a short handled wooden bat. In 1974, when his friend Alfonso de Hohenlohe, travelled from Spain to visit Corcuera in Acapulco, Hohenlohe enjoyed this new game so much that he brought the idea back to Marbella.
After much study and deliberation over the correct design of the court and rules of the game, the first two Padel tennis courts were built at the Marbella Club. Alfonso Hohenlohe was then delighted to share his new found passion for pádel with the Marbella jet set. It soon caught on and since then has gone from strength to strength along the coast and across Spain.
Very quickly the tennis fraternity, including big names like Manolo Santana, were attracted to Padel tennis or Padel and soon tournaments were being organised along the Costa del Sol as more and more clubs built their own courts.

A millionaire friend of Hohenlohe who regularly visited Marbella was so impressed with the game that he took the idea with him back to Argentina. Now, more than two million Argentinians have taken up the game, over eight million Spanish players are making it one of the most popular sports played in the country. More recently, Padel tennis has taken off in other South American countries and is very big in America and Canada.


The game of Padel or Padel Tennis is played widely across the world, in 2011 predominantly played by Spanish Natives.  It is growing popularity as a family orientated sport, played mainly in clubs by both children, men and women.
The game of Padel has been likened to ‘tennis with walls' and 'squash in the sun’. It is a sport that combines the best elements of tennis, squash and racquetball. It has gained tremendous popularity due to its simplicity and similarities to already existing racquet sports.
Padel or Padel Tennis is played in doubles on an enclosed court measuring 10m wide by 20m long. The rules allow for the use of the back and sidewalls, resulting in longer rallies. The balls used are tennis balls, the scoring the same as tennis, all the serves are underhand.
Padel is a fun game to play and appeals to a wide population. Children enjoy playing as it is easy to learn, promotes teamwork, whilst improving their hand-eye coordination. It is a family game. Men and women and youth can compete together without physical strength being the sole determinate of the winner. The smaller court size brings everyone closer, making social conversation a much more integral part of the game. In short Padel is a great game for players of all ages and skills as it is both quick and easy to pick up and is less physically demanding than similar sports like squash. Most players get the grasp of the game within the first 20 minutes of playing and find it easy to achieve a level of proficiency so that they can enjoy it because the game is not as dominated by strength and serve as tennis.
To clear one thing: It is Padel or Padel Tennis, not Paddle or Paddle Tennis.

In short, padel is the most sociable game in the world, inviting everybody to pick up a bat and a ball and start playing, inproving health, and building new friendships.


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