Alcom Interiors

Shiny, tiled floors create more space; textures add depth; the right colors and tones generate warmth; window sills and door frames put things into shape; extensive planning turns technology into functionality and intricate details heighten the sense of elegance. Putting all these finishing touches together, in just the right balance to create seamless internal harmony is Alcom. Welcome home.

Alcom (Ai) is a full-scale indoor finishing (firm/ contractor/ company) offering quality designs, personalized service and creative finishing solutions. From wall paneling and lighting to staircases, doors and floors, and even landscaping, Ai’s scope of work realizes the most ambitious and groundbreaking projects. Transforming living visions into vibrant décor, AIcom Interiors, is the interior design arm of bringing style and ingenuity to the home and office space.

Ai is a newly established name, yet it originates from the deep roots and vast experience of Hassan Allam Properties. Being its latest subsidiary, Ai’s major founders bring forth their extensive expertise and impressive portfolios. Providing services within this profession for years now, not only has Ai built a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but also supply a comprehensive range of finishing solutions, materials, and technique options to commercial and domestic customers alike. Ai’s philosophy stretches beyond just creating an impeccable finished look to your home or corporation, it goes further to ensure sheer harmony, taste and, most importantly, wellbeing.

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