Prince Mohammed Ali Palace "Manyal Museum"

Client: Ministry Of Culture – Egypt. 
Location: El Manyal District- Cairo. 
Duration: 2004-2007. 
Project Facts
  • Constructed during the period from 1901 to 1933; it was one of the most magnificent historical palaces in Cairo. 
  • It comprises various buildings, the most important of which: The Reception Palace, The Residential Palace, The Throne Palace, The Private Palace- which include many of the Prince Mohammed Ali's valuable acquisitions- The Hunting Museum, which include a rare collection of animals & birds- & The Garden of the palace, which contains a valuable collection of plants & trees. 
Scope of Work
  • Structural Supporting Works. 
  • Architectural & Photographic Documentation. 
  • Archaeological Excavation Works. 
  • Architectural Restoration Works for Stone, Brick, Wood, Marble, Metal, Insulation, desalination. 
  • Fine Restoration Works for paintings, Gypsum, Wood, Marble, Stone, Metal elements, Furniture & collections. 
  • Exhibition Design, Storage Systems, Climate Control Systems, Graphics Multimedia Systems, Educational Systems, & Internal & External Lighting systems. 
  • Electro Mechanical & HVAC Systems.
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