Alexandria Opera House

Client: The Ministry of Culture – Egypt. 
Location: Alexandria, Egypt. 
Duration: 15 months. 
Project Facts
  • Alexandria Opera House was constructed in 1918 during the reign of Sultan "Fouad I "as “Mohamed Ali Theatre”, & then in 1962, it was renamed as “Sayed Darwish Theatre” in honor of Egypt’s famous singer and composer. 
  • HAC undertook the complete rehabilitation and restoration of the existing Alexandria Opera House structure, along with fit out works and the addition of new Electro-Mechanical Systems.
Scope of Work
  • All Structure support works related to the foundations, columns, and walls. 
  • Fine restoration works:
     Painting, gypsum, wood, marble, stone, and metals.
     HVAC works.
     Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Works.
     Electrical Systems.
     Theatre Systems and Controls.
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