Bringing Cities to Life

Hassan Allam Construction is a highly experienced contractor for large-scale infrastructure projects. We operate in the areas of water, wastewater and distribution networks. We have over 20 years’ experience delivering essential municipal infrastructure to cities in Egypt and the Middle East.

We have a deep resource of infrastructure-related engineering and construction expertise, and specialize in network rehabilitation, caisson construction, dewatering systems, pipe-jacking technology and cutting-edge trenchless installation to meet the demanding requirements of this sector

Hassan Allam Construction has been a central player in the Egyptian Government’s national infrastructure program since the early 1980s. As such, Hassan Allam Construction has brought critical national infrastructure to several major Egyptian cities where little, or no, infrastructure foundation existed. We also provide essential infrastructure in Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Our strength derives from our deep resource of highly experienced individuals with strong regional capabilities; an impressive safety record delivering complex projects in densely populated urban areas; a large equipment fleet and a fully owned pipe production facility, the National Pipe Company, for quality water and sewage transmission pipes.

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