Leadership Development

The Leadership Academy will sponsor 3 main programs, which will be the core of the company in the near future.
  • Junior Top Talent Program (TTP)

    We invest in getting the top talent in entry level with experience up to 2 years. This means that our focus is to nurture new talents to be within our future leaders in the coming decade. The selected candidate will join a tailored program based on certain skills/competencies that will be measured through the HR/technical interviews. The selected candidate will be enrolled in a Rotation and Development program with a duration up to 3 years in total, where he/she can explore new & diverse challenging activities.

  • Future Leaders Program (FLP)

    The program focuses on the intermediate level which includes talents with more than 6 years of experience. We create opportunities for careers growth at HAC We identifying the potentials, Assess and sharpen fundamental skills, engage them through a series of varied and enriching assignments that will prepare them for future challenges.

  • Senior Management Program (SMP)

    For any company to strive and grow in the current volatile and challenging market, they must focus on their Top Management and Leaders, to sharpen their visionary and strategic skills, and this is through a set of simulation training, Leadership and Strategic coaching.