As one of the oldest companies in Egypt we understand the value of history. We have a long and excellent record of delivering to the highest standards of the industry. In fact, we consider our name to be our most precious ‘asset’. The values that have driven our exceptional growth and reputation since 1936 still remain at the heart of our business today:

1. DYNAMISM: We are an organisation of modern, competitive and highly motivated individuals, inspired by the challenge of delivering first class, innovative services to sophisticated clients throughout the region. We pride ourselves on our high degree of expertise and technical skills, and our strong track record in handling large-scale projects of exceptional size and complexity.

2. QUALITY: We understand the impact of the work we do in shaping the futures of the communities where we operate. That is why we are strongly committed to quality in every single project and undertaking.

3. INTEGRITY: We uphold a reputation for honesty and integrity in all our dealings with stakeholders. We consider compromising on ethics to be short sighted.  

4. RELIABITY:  As one of Egypt’s construction pioneers, we have successfully navigated the economic and business cycles of the region for almost 80 years. We have a strong reputation for reliability and for delivering in ‘tough times’. As a result, our business today centres on strong and long-term partnerships with local and international clients.