As a company, we aspire to be recognised as the trusted partner of choice for international and regional clients looking for first class construction and real estate services in the Middle East. To achieve this vision, we are aggressively expanding our business along two parallel paths: entrenching our long-standing leadership position at home; while seeking out and capitalising on growth opportunities throughout the Arab region.

We will transform our organisation into a strong region-wide hub for construction and property development services, consisting of a network of solid, vertically integrated local companies that lead their peers in each of our regional markets. 

Within our construction business

We will export our proven expertise in construction to markets across the Arab world; we have already delivered several iconic projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Libya and Qatar. Going forward, we will strive to win an ever-increasing share of the critical projects being planned across the Middle East to support growing populations. 

We have an exceptional affinity for highly technical, exceptionally complicated projects where precision, quality and reliability carry large consequences for the client. Going forward, we will continue to invest in this ‘comparative edge’, developing an increasingly complex portfolio of construction services to meet the needs of regional and international clients.

Within our properties business

We will develop world-class, environmentally responsible communities, in some of the best locations in Egypt and the MENA region. We will create a first class urban and leisure experiences, providing clients with the highest quality of individual units and supporting infrastructure available in their home markets.

Within our community:

To ensure our present growth is sustainable, we will prioritise our efforts to attract, develop and maintain the most qualified individuals in our markets; this ongoing investment in people, at all levels of our business, is the corner stone of our strategy for a sustainable future growth and development.

We will strive wherever possible to give back to local communities, hiring local workforce, using local suppliers and materials and delivering community support programs to a range of local stakeholders;

As pioneers of the Egyptian construction sector we feel a special responsibility to the Egyptian market; but our commitment to sustainable, reliable and responsible development translates to every market in which we are active.